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Over 50 activities offered from Scenic tours, Adventure & Adrenaline, Wildlife & Safari, Cultural & Historic activities that will leave you no short of lifetime memories. Two activities voted in the top 5 adrenaline experiences on the planet.

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July to September is peak season!

If you are coming to Victoria Falls between July and September, you need to reserve activities now to avoid disappointments.
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Most Popular Activities

Tour of the Falls, Sunset Cruise in the Might Zambezi, Helicopter flight over the Falls..
World top rated Activities

World Top Rated Activities!

2 activities voted in the top 5 adrenaline experiences on the planet.
AfriPride Zambezi Voyage

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The Victoria Falls

Known locally as "Mosi-OA-Tunya", meaning "The Smoke That Thunders"

The Victoria Falls is positioned almost exactly half way along the mighty Zambezi River's 2700 km journey from it's source to the sea.

Here the river plunges headlong into a 100m vertical chasm spanning the full one-and-a-half kilometre width of the river, creating the biggest curtain of falling water in the world and also one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

The power of the falls is awesome with the 

highest ever flow recorded in 1958 when it reached more than 700 000 cubic meters of water a minute. The water in the gorges rose 18 metres (60 feet) above its normal flood level. This constant pounding by the currents of the mighty Zambezi has, over the millennium, cut through the rock faults and fissures and carved out not one but eight successive precipices (and now the ninth has begun).

Being one of the greatest physical spectacles in Africa it stands to reason that it has attracted so much interest from us humans over time and therefore the area is steeped in history and mystery.

Fees are paid at the entry point to the Falls.

$30.00 per person - Internationals visitors

$20.00 per person - (SADC) visitors

$7.00 per person - Locals

World Top Rated Activities!

Best White Water Rafting Site in the World

White Water Rafting $120

If low water (Aug - Dec) you will start your 26km journey over 19 rapids most of which are grade 4 & 5. Higher water rafting (Jan-mid/end March and June-July) may clip some rapids and overall distance of about 18km.
Bungee jump

Bungee Jumping $160

in front of the largest curtain of falling water in the world, a World Heritage Site, one of the Seven Natural Wonders in the World and above the raging torrents and misty gorges of the mighty Zambezi River.

Most Popular Activities in Victoria Falls

Best White Water Rafting Site in the World

Tour of the Falls

$18 pp English Guide,
Bungee jump

Sunset Cruise in Zambezi

$50 pp + $10 govt levy
Helicopter ride

Helicopter flight over the Falls

$150 pp + $15 govt levy
Best White Water Rafting Site in the World

White Water Rafting

$120 pp + $12 govt levy
Bungi Jumping Victoria Falls

Bungee Jumping

$150 pp

Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Expedition
18 Days: $2,840 pp

A complete experience of the might Zambezi River from the upper to the lower after the Falls and through the gorges. 5 Zambezi River activities that tell the whole story of one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

Sail upstream to celebrate the setting of the African Sun. Witness the spectacular sight of awe-inspiring beauty & grandeur of the Falls on a Guided Tour. Make history by Bungee jumping 111m from the best jumping site in the world with a back-drop of the might Victoria Falls. Make more history rafting in the world's wildest White Water Rafting sites featuring 21km of grade 4 & 5 rapids. Conclude with an aerial view of the Zambezi with Helicopter flight over the Falls.

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*Price exclude Govt levy/Park fees: Cruise $10, Falls $30, Rafting $12, Helicopter $15. T&Cs apply!

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